Sungjin Jung (INSEAD) and Leonard Lee (NUS)

November 26, 2020 - 3:00 pm

Status Leakage in Luxury-Mass Collaborations

Sungjin Jung (INSEAD), David Dubois (INSEAD) and Nailya Ordabayeva (Boston College)

Collaborations between a luxury brand and a non-luxury brand are becoming increasingly common in the marketplace. The present research demonstrates that these luxury-mass collaborations result in status leakage – (1) a status loss for the luxury brand, and (2) a status gain for the non-luxury brand. Crucially, we propose and show that this status leakage is a non-zero-sum game. The luxury brand’s status loss is systematically smaller than the non-luxury brand’s status gain. In other words, high status is “stickier” than low status, which ultimately results in a greater amount of status overall (across brands) after (vs. before) the collaboration.


Understanding the Health and Non-Health Beliefs of People with Diabetes

Leonard Lee and Carolyn Lo (NUS)

The prevalence of diabetes presents a troubling landscape with nearly one in ten adults diagnosed with this chronic disease worldwide. Although interventions may reduce the risk of diabetes-associated complications, the effectiveness of such interventions relies largely on patients’ adherence to medication and lifestyle modifications, which have typically been extremely low. We examine this issue from a psychological perspective by exploring the drivers of people’s motivations in their self-care behaviours and identifying belief gaps that may pose barriers against healthy lifestyle choices. We will discuss preliminary findings from a population survey of individuals with and without diabetes in Singapore and explore plans for further research. The findings of this study serve to inform the development of future interventions that may target misperceptions of health risks and encourage behavioural changes toward improving health outcomes.